What We Sell

SunnyGem is the one-stop-shop for your almond needs, packing and shipping California varieties worldwide. In addition to inshell and raw natural almonds, a state of the art processing facility provides manufacturing and roasting to your specifications. Validated processes that pasteurize the almonds are performed in-house. Package options range from 25lb cartons to 2,200lb super sacks.

Our California grown almonds are exceptionally versatile, value-adding ingredient. Available in more forms than any other nut, almonds complement a wide array of food flavors and applications, including confectionary, bakery, dairy, prepared foods or snacks. Whether whole, sliced, slivered, chopped, diced, or ground form, either with the skin on (natural) or removed (blanched), almonds have unlimited application possibilities.

We also offer Dry Roasting on most of our almond products. Our customers in North America have the option of choosing either PPO or Steam Pasteurization both which we do in our own facility.