Who We Are

We are one of the largest vertically integrated almond suppliers in the world. As the processing and sales branch of the organization, SunnyGem almonds are sorted, processed and sold to the wholesale ingredient industry. Our farming company, Sandridge Partners, farms thousands of acres of almonds each year in the central region of California providing an ever-increasing supply of almonds.

Formerly Triple H Processing, SunnyGem was purchased in 2006 by Sandridge Partners to support the processing and sales of the almonds grown in their fields.

Built in 2012, SunnyGem’s state of the art hulling-shelling facility was completed in Buttonwillow, Ca. Since its purchase the manufacturing facility has grown to 350,000 sq. ft. on a 40 acre site in Wasco, Ca.

Both locations are operated by a management team that has combined over 200 years of experience in sales, farming, processing, and customer service.

The almonds sold under the SunnyGem label are part of a seasonal pool of growers and are distributed worldwide.

As part of our growing portfolio, SunnyGem offers various services to the industry that include hulling/shelling, PPO, steam pasteurization, blanching, manufacturing, drying and dry roasting.