Our Varieties

SunnyGem almonds are suitable for many uses; whether sold in-shell, eaten raw, embedded in chocolate, used as a garnish, or as an ingredient in bakery products. Some varieties are well suited for any process or application, others have unique characteristics. The sales team at SunnyGem can help you select the right variety that is appropriate for your needs from the list below.

Mission Group

This group includes several varieties, including Padre, Butte and Fritz. The kernels are small, wide and plump with a dark skin. The mission varieties are used in processing and blanching, however, because of their full-bodied flavor, they are the perfect choice for roasting and flavoring.


Considering the “King” of snacking almonds, this variety also has the widest range of uses. Because of its thin outer shell, uniform shape, and smooth kernel, it is less likely to chip and scratch during processing – making the Nonpareil the best choice when an attractive appearance is needed.


This popular nut is a soft-shell variety and is most used for blanching and roasting. The kernel has a large elongated kernel, a uniform shape, even light caramel color. Because of this it is often used as substitute for Nonpareil.

California Group

These groups include a number of varieties, including Monterey, Sonora, Peerless and Price. These varieties are primarily used in processing and blanching. Shape and color may vary, however, the kernels are more round and the skins darker than the Nonpareil.