Steam Pasturization

What can our most modern Jet Stream Almond Surface Pasteurizer deliver?

Our JSP-I Jet Stream continuous process delivers-

  • Reliable, repeatable, consistent 5 Log reduction of salmonella.
  • Pathogen-free product without altering its raw-like flavor and appearance.
  • Precise process control and full automatic documentation.
  • High temperature/short time pasteurization.

To further ensure the highest product quality after pasteurization, we installed a brand new refrigerated almond cooling system and a fully automated 50-lb carton pack line with an automated filler, robotic palletizer and wrapper all of which are housed in a hepa-filtered ambient air environment. We can also pack your product in super sacks, fiber bins or back to your own bins.

Sunny Gem LLC’s process follows stringent guidelines in operating our facility in accordance with BRC protocol. All of our operators are trained and supervised by professionals.